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Kurt Cobain: What to Read and Watch, 25 Years After the Nirvana Leader’s Death

Skip to the End

“This evocative 2018 science-fiction graphic novel by the writer Jeremy Holt and the artist Alex Diotto tells the story of a grunge band called Samsara (clearly inspired by Nirvana) and a guitar that functions as a time-travel device. The metaphor works not only because of the urge Nirvana fans have to create an alternate timeline where Cobain survived, but because recorded music is itself a time-travel device, teleporting people both to the moment when it was made and the moment when it first touched a listener’s soul.”


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Nirvana, Addiction & A Time-Traveling Guitar: Middlebury Author's Graphic Novel 'Skip To The End'

Music has the power to transport listeners across time, evoking memories of the past and whisking the listener back to a different age and place.

In his new graphic novel Skip To The End, Middlebury author Jeremy Holt explores how the right piece of music can take a listener back to their youth, to what they were wearing, who they were in love with. And maybe to just moments before something went wrong. 

Holt spoke with Vermont Edition about his new book, about choosing the right guitar to be his vehicle for time travel, and the collaboration that goes into completing a graphic novel.


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A New Graphic Novel Considers: What If Houdini Were a Spy? 

“What if Harry Houdini were not just the world's greatest magician but a master of actual magic? What if he used his supernatural powers to spy for the U.S. government, fighting those who would wield magic to evil ends? That's the enticing premise of After Houdini, the latest graphic novel scripted by Jeremy Holt of Middlebury, whose dark rock-music fable Skip to the End came out earlier this year.

Illustrated in a punchy, larger-than-life style by Arkansas-based John Lucas, the tale begins in 1918, eight years before the death of the real Houdini on Halloween 1926. The protagonist is not Harry but his fictional son, Josef, whose parents have given him up for his own protection. Josef finds use for his inherited escape talents in a life of petty crime. But he goes straight when former president Theodore Roosevelt Jr. sweeps in and recruits him for the mission of a lifetime: to rescue his long-lost dad from Butyrskaya Prison in imperial Russia.”


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24-Skip to the End-An Interview with Jeremy Holt Bonus Episode

“In this bonus episode were delighted to talk to writer and creator Jeremy Holt about his newly released graphic novel Skip to the End, published by Insight Comics. Jeremy talks to us about the book as well as the journey to bring the story to the shelves. The story tackles some tough issues and we both found it fascinating to understand Jeremys inspiration research and perseverance with this and other stories…”


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Matt Chats: Writer and Occasional Self-Publisher Jeremy Holt on ‘Skipping to the End’ and Staying in the Present

“Jeremy Holt has yet to receive his “big break” with a book at a Top 5 publisher, but he’s continued plugging away at various comics projects, focusing on art over commerce. Recently his grunge fantasy Skip to the End was released in hardcover, and it may be his finest work to date. I interviewed Jeremy previously to discuss the first issue of Skip to the End, but after two years and the release of the whole graphic novel, there was plenty more to talk about. Enjoy my interview with Holt about Skip to the End’s journey to publication, keeping a lot of plates in the air, and how much he plans his future in comics…”

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Local author's graphic novel transports us through time

“MIDDLEBURY — It’s an experience we all know well: listening to a song and being instantly transported back in time to the first place we heard it.

Well, mentally, at least.

For Middlebury writer Jeremy Holt, the concept of music as time travel was powerful enough for him to make it literal through fiction. In his new graphic novel, “Skip to the End,” Holt explores the phenomenon through the eyes of a former rock star, now-drug addict, for whom “revisiting the past is the only way to move forward.”